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General Question

What is Newsborn baby poster?

Newsborn baby poster is unique and timeless work of art created for your child on the date of his/her birth. It is baby birth time capsule.  It is a way to capture happiness and what is trending in your world on one of the most important days of your life.

What size is Newsborn baby poster?

It is 50cm wide and 70cm in height. It is printed on lightweight (0.5kg) and solid 3mm thick material.

How does it work?

Before purchasing a product, you will have options to customize your poster. You can customize almost every portion of your Newsborn poster. If you want to customize something else other than default customization options, feel free to send us a message after you have purchased your poster.

We will then make a poster for you to proof and send it in an attachment to you at your e-mail. You will view the proof to accept or change final art. When you have confirmed that everything is to your specifications, it will go to print.  We will deliver to the address of your choosing.

Which mWhat materials are used?

Unlike some products, we wanted to ensure that your work of art lasts long enough for your children to show it to your grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It is printed on a solid and lightweight material called Foamex.  Foamex is durable and produces vibrant colors and crisp clear graphics.  Your poster will be printed in high definition with ultra-modern printing technology.

Do you ship worldwide?

Currently, we only ship to EU countries free of charge. It is our intention to ship Worldwide in next few months.  We plan for that shipment to be at no cost as well.

What payment options do you offer?

We are offering PayPal and credit card payments. For Croatia we have Cash on delivery (placanje pouzecem) option as well.

Can I get poster in my prefered language?

Right now we are offering 2 languages, English (default) and Croatian but you can write a message/quote for your baby on your own language and “biggest news” as well.

Do I need frame?

No you don’t! And that’s the beauty of this material and design. You don’t need to spend any additional money. Two metal hangers are already included in your package, all you need to have is some dutch tape to fix it in a minute.

I would like to make a complaint, how may I do that?

All complaints (damaged or defective posters) should be made within one week from the received delivery. Complaints should be sent to info@newsbornbaby.com

Keep in mind as each poster is custom made, we unfortunately can’t accept returns or offer refunds unless your poster arrived damaged.

Product and customization

Difference between Newspaper Edition and Simple Edition?

Newspaper edition is our original newborn poster. When our child was born, we wanted to capture that moment in time.  We wanted to remember how the culture and current events and what was trending as far as music, books, and social media.  But we realized that some parents may want to focus exclusively on their baby.  We decided to accommodate those parents with a different version that is geared more to information about their child and less cultural events.

Which Part of the Poster Is Customizable?

Nearly everything can be customized.  If you find something you wish customized just send us a message after purchase.  It is our goal to give you exactly what you want in your newborn poster.

Is It Possible to Change Illustration Color?

Yes.  You would need to give us the #hex code of the color you want.  We do advise you to go with one of the options we are offering as those colors have been tested and proven.   However, we would not want to limit your creativity.  To change to another color please send us a message after purchase.

It is Possible to Change the Background Color?

Unfortunately, that is not possible currently. Our material comes in white color and we can achieve best quality, clarity and color visibility with a white background.

Is It Difficult to Mount to a Wall?

It is very simple and can be done in less than five minutes.  You will need to push the metal hanger into the poster.  They can then be secured with Duct tape.  It can be hung on small nails as it is very light-weight. (around 0.5 kg.)

I’ve Made a Mistake in My Order. Can you change it?

Changes can be made up until the time that you confirm your final proof.  After confirmation of your proof, we cannot make changes as it will have been sent to print.

Is There an Option for Twins?

We feel each baby is unique and deserves to have their own work of art.  However, we will customize your posters so your message or quote for twins will be on both posters (half on each) in order to connect them on the wall.  If you are the parents of twins, we would like to hear more about you (and them) on our blog.  We will be happy to give you a great discount.  Drop us a message with “double trouble” in the subject line! 😊

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime at contact@newsbornbaby.com or via Facebook messenger or live chat. We are trying to answer asap.  Please keep in mind we are just one couple with a small child.  We are not a huge company with customer support, so your patience is appreciated. 🙂

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